We are having a LAN party to celebrate 20 years of playing Descent. Anyone who flies is welcome.

What're We Playing?

A lot of Descent 1. Possibly D2, D3, and related games, depending on who shows up.


Denver, Colorado.

Follow this link to book a room at the group rate of $109/night. It's at the Sheraton DTC.

Split a room with someone!


July 16 - 19, 2015. That's a Thursday through Sunday.

We're playing from 3 PM on Thursday and through midnight on Sunday.

How Much

The event itself is free. If you play, you're welcome.

What To Bring

Bring your own computer, monitor, and cat5 cable. We aren't serving food, so plan to bring your own or go out.

How Do I Sign Up?

Send an email to Drakona with the following information:

- Your callsign

- Flight info (if you need an airport pickup & dropoff)

- Any hardware you need (e.g., if you can't bring a computer)

- Any extra hardware you can bring

Who's Coming

33 pilots confirmed. Room can hold 50.

What's Planned

D1 1v1, 2v2, and Anarchy tournaments. Lots of hanging out and free playing.

How Can I Help?

- Help someone else get there (carpool, split a room)

- Bring something that makes it awesomer (Descent-related cool things)

- Bring hardware if people need it (some can't travel with systems)

- Show up and play hard!


Need to organize a car pool? Find a roommate for the hotel? Want to help organize things? Want to bring something to make the event more awesome?

Hop on over to the Facebook Group, which is where we're mainly organizing things.