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Home D1 ethylene Home
2017-9-22 0:14
# 9Hyper20 9Leto_II# 21
1 suicide
"GG man, strong start! Fun match!" "gg, Hyper! [game was from 9/19/17]"
Home D1 mindtrix Home
2017-9-22 0:57
# 7Morf20 5caniplaydad# 18
"VULCAN HITTING GOOD TONIGHT. GG." "gg.... thanx for the games and the pointers... they are helping and I always wanna learn more.."
Thursday, September 21
Home D1 fuzed Home
2017-9-21 23:26
# 7Morf20 13caniplaydad# 18
1 suicide
"You managed a hard-charging pilot well, especially at the end." "gg... some solid flying in here from you.. it felt like you always had the angle on me..."
Home D1 Perplex2 Home
2017-9-21 23:08
# 2Jediluke20 6Maestro# 15
"gg" "GG more like Suplex2"
Home D1 mythena Home
2017-9-21 22:48
# 7Morf20 10caniplaydad# 18
"I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING OVER THAT H8ED REACTOR!" "gg... you fly this map very good... that hurts"
Home D1 salute Home
2017-9-21 22:05
# 1Mark39220 15Jediluke# 2
3 suicides
"It was a game!" "had a good lead, then rushed him...it made the difference...he finished with 4 shields. BB"
Home D1 ascend Home
2017-9-21 21:13
# 1Mark39220 15Jediluke# 2
1 suicide
"Great game, brother! Extremely intense! Well played, my man! PHEW!" "he had 0 shields. "
Home D1 Neptune Home
2017-9-21 20:15
# 3Vainiac20 15Maestro# 15
"gg maestro, nice vulcan" "GG Vainiac, well played"
Home D1 Raziel Home
2017-9-21 19:54
# 15Maestro20 6Leto_II# 21
"GG Leto" "gg, Maestro!"
Home D1 Rie2mann Home
2017-9-21 19:24
# 11Phyrex20 10Code# 20
3 suicides
"GG! " "Well... it was nt horrible... :P"
Home D1 ascend Home
2017-9-21 19:04
# 2Jediluke20 1Leto_II# 21
"GG" "gg, Jedi!"
Home D1 i don't care Home
2017-9-21 18:44
# 20Code20 16Leto_II# 21
1 suicide
"GG man! nice game for sure!" "gg, Code!"
Home D1 wyndham v1.1 Home
2017-9-21 18:16
# 20Code20 18Leto_II# 21
"GG man! wow... you played way to aggressive in the end! i had to step my game up drastically!" "gg, Code!"
Home D1 Rie2mann Home
2017-9-21 18:15
# 11Phyrex20 7Leto_II# 21
"GG!" "gg, Phyrex"
Home D1 June Bug Home
2017-9-21 0:58
# 7Morf20 10Lady Silver# 8
"I BEG YOUR PETUNIAS, THIS LEVEL IS FANTASTIC. DESCENT AIN'T NO GROUNDPOUNDER!" "What a H8ful little bug... and this level isn't that great either."
Wednesday, September 20
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-9-20 23:45
# 1Mark39220 9Drakona# 10
2 suicides
"Great games, Drak! On a Wednesday night the lyric has never rung truer, "I've been wide awake since Wednesday I was feeling so inspired!" Great matches, always a pleasure!" "And thus concludes the Ascend clinic. Both pilots left wiser . . . and wider awake."
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-9-20 23:29
# 1Mark39220 14Drakona# 10
1 suicide
"Great game! You figured me out that's what it is! Very well done! That means you're likely going to win this next one! GAME ON!" "A trend? Or an anomaly? Stay tuned!"
Home D1 three sisters Home
2017-9-20 23:02
# 12LotharBot20 6Leto_II# 21
1 suicide
"gg, the list is working!" "gg, Lothar!"
Home D1 Flea Home
2017-9-20 22:59
# 2Jediluke20 3Maestro# 15
1 suicide
"*tipsy" "We need more data for the tipsiness vs score curve... for science! GG."
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-9-20 23:04
# 1Mark39220 5Drakona# 10
3 suicides
"Great game, Drak! I think it was better =) WP!" "That's not better . . . !"
Home D1 skootch Home
2017-9-20 22:42
# 15Maestro20 13Leto_II# 21
6 suicides
"GG, allegedly there was some Descent in there in between the suicides..." "gg, Maestro!"
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-9-20 22:40
# 1Mark39220 8Drakona# 10
3 suicides
"Great game, Drak! Very fun! Well flown!" "Wow!"
Home D1 nysa x2 Home
2017-9-20 22:20
# 2Jediluke20 1Leto_II# 21
1 suicide
"gg" "gg, Jedi!"
Home D1 Wyndham V1.1 Home
2017-9-20 22:07
# 15Maestro20 10Code# 20
"Welcome to the Mark392 camp of Wyndham thought... lol. GG." "GG man! as much as it pains me to say it the fluctuating ping in the begging gave me the upper hand! GG man gg"
Home D1 rickets Home
2017-9-20 21:53
# 2Jediluke20 0Leto_II# 21
1 suicide
"gg" "gg, Jedi!"
Home D1 Viral 3 x2 Home
2017-9-20 21:19
# 2Jediluke20 16Vainiac# 3
1 suicide
"opposite of fun. period." "wp jedi, fun one"
Home D1 Crimson Home
2017-9-20 20:48
# 15Maestro20 17ERNIE392# 19
3 suicides
"rofl" "lol"
Home D1 I don't know Home
2017-9-20 20:42
# 15Maestro20 8Leto_II# 21
1 suicide
"GG Leto" "gg, Maestro!"
Home D1 athena x2 Home
2017-9-20 20:18
# 19ERNIE39220 3Leto_II# 21
"gg thanks" "gg, Ernie!"
Home D1 Rie2mann Home
2017-9-20 20:06
# 19ERNIE39220 7Leto_II# 21
4 suicides
"gg thanks" "gg, Ernie!"
Tuesday, September 19
Home D1 Rie2mann x2 Home
2017-9-19 12:56
# 2Jediluke20 6Leto_II# 20
3 suicides
"Gg" "gg, Jedi"
Home D1 Nocturnal Home
2017-9-19 22:23
# 14Lee20 15Maestro# 15
2 suicides
"nah, you had a bad start that was all. you adapted well after the start and i think you won the mid-game to be fair. gg" "and so, at long last, it was time for King Bronze to return to his loyal subjects. gg."
Home D1 Lurk Home
2017-9-19 21:51
# 15Lee22 20Maestro# 14
3 suicides
"haha, you got screwed again :( well played though gg" "KNEEL BEFORE THE THRONE OF THE KING OF ASS GG"
Home D1 Savage Home
2017-9-19 21:21
# 1Mark39220 9Vainiac# 3
"Great game, my man! It's an awesome level, awesome opponent! Thanks for playing, brother!" "wp mark, sadly this is my best score so far in this level"
Home D1 Droids Home
2017-9-19 20:57
# 1Mark39220 11Vainiac# 3
3 suicides
"Great game, my man! It was working for me, thankfully, 'cause your vulcan was turning me into swiss cheese! GG!" "gg, couldn't beat the fusion homer combo"
Home D1 Athena (X2) Home
2017-9-19 20:42
# 19ERNIE39220 8Code# 20
"gggg" "A deal is a deal... GG man Nice movement on the Controller!"
Home D1 Mindtrix Home
2017-9-19 20:38
# 1Mark39220 10Vainiac# 3
4 suicides
"Great game, brother! Very well flown!" "gg"
Home D1 Ko Home
2017-9-19 20:28
-ERNIE39220 13Code# 19
"gg" ""Twas Lag Came and swept us away...but alas... a Loss Crept up What a sad Day... Though Loss Occurd A good score flew like a bird" Ah screw this GG man! come to america so lag isnt so bad XD "
Home D1 Vacuum Home
2017-9-19 19:12
# 4bahamut20 12Lee# 15
1 suicide
"Thanks, great control shown by yourself this match!" "nice patience and fusion baha, was hard to sneak up or misdirect you to spring an ambush. rather vigilant. gg"
Home D1 Flea Home
2017-9-19 15:31
# 11Phyrex20 11Swarthy# 17
"GG Swarthy! Had to change it up because you were catching on halfway;) Well played" "GG Phyrex! Nice weapon choices and strategy change ups. I felt you controlled that very well. "
Monday, September 18
Home D1 cenote Home
2017-9-18 23:00
# 14Maestro20 11Leto_II# 20
"GG, wanted a quick match before bed, boy oh boy did I choose the wrong map for that!" "gg, Maestro"
Home D1 Savage Home
2017-9-18 22:31
# 1Mark39220 6Maestro# 14
2 suicides
"Great game, my friend! Very well flown! GG!" "GG Mark"
Home D1 Fuzed Home
2017-9-18 22:05
# 1Mark39220 6Hyper# 9
"Great game, brother!! Thanks for playing! You flew amazingly man! " "Dismantled!! Great flying!"
Home D1 mindtrix Home
2017-9-18 21:51
# 17Swarthy20 15caniplaydad# 18
1 suicide
"GG...spreadfire and vulcan were on point and should have been used more. You are at silver's door buddy! well played!" "gg... you are very fun to play also buddy... wise man once said... a string can pull... it however cannot push.."
Home D1 Ugh Home
2017-9-18 21:52
# 4bahamut20 7Maestro# 14
"Great abilities!" "GG"
Home D1 Ascend Home
2017-9-18 21:51
# 1Mark39220 3Lady Silver# 8
"Great game, LS! I wouldn't put it past you!!! Thanks for playing! " "So close to breaking your streak! Next time!!!! ;) GG"
Home D1 Fourier Home
2017-9-18 21:29
# 9Hyper20 10Maestro# 14
2 suicides
"GG thanks for playing! I like this level!" "This would be a domination if we were in the same tier"
Home D1 Salute Home
2017-9-18 21:22
# 1Mark39220 10Morf# 7
2 suicides
"Great game, my friend! Man, thanks! That means more to me than you know. Always a pleasure, brother!" "Most epic proxy trap ever. Kill of the year there. Editing and uploading ASAP."
Home D1 I Don't Care Home
2017-9-18 20:38
# 7Morf20 17Maestro# 14
Home D1 Mythena Home
2017-9-18 20:28
# 18caniplaydad20 10Leto_II# 20
"gg.... good action in there" "gg, caniplay"